Savor the Orchard Freshness: Indulge in Our Baked Maine Creations

Our variety of sweet treats are made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Every galette and scone is meticulously crafted from scratch. We are committed to quality ingredients. If we don’t grow it, then another Maine farmer we trust does. You can taste the difference in our baked goods bursting with fresh-from-the-farm Maine flavors. Rest assured, with Pleasant Pond Orchard, you’re not just purchasing baked goods – you’re securing a unique tasting experience of Maine.

Why we grow

For many years we’ve foraged in fields and forests and now we do so in our own backyard. We love to be outside amongst the trees providing for ourselves and our community. Gathering fruit from our orchard and working with ingredients from local farms to create dishes to share with friends and family is a valuable aspect to our daily living. Colorful, nutritious and flavorful creations of food excites us! Please, share some of your favorite recipes.

We aim to grow high quality fruit with the least environmental impact that is financially feasible while also supporting the local community through giving of fruits and nutritional education. Pleasant Pond Orchard collaborates with organizations who work with local community partners and schools throughout Mid Coast Maine.

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